A recollection in tranquillity

10th August 2011

James guides today’s session. The plan is to work with the memory of yesterday’s walk: “what struck me the most as opposed to what I’m accustomed to”.

James was struck by the absence of cars and by the presence of birds, of geese, and then by the sound of leaves while I was jumping to pluck figues from a tree.

The sounds in the houses (plates, glasses) at lunchtime stayed in Silvia’s memory the most. It was like diving into the private lives of strangers. Somehow this situation can be compared to James’s “shelter” (see picture of the first day), as James hid underneath a pile of posters, only letting his feet uncovered. “The noises of the things I don’t see are more evokative than actually seeing the action which makes a noise”.

Jacques’s memory goes to his own sounds: his clothes, his bag while walking. And moreover, sudden unidentified noises, many versions of water, like a water orchestra, and then cicada conversations.

The idea now is to work with these concepts, written on a poster, to trigger memory, recall the past and see whether this creates something in the present. Basing on this experience, the choreographers do a contact impro which, as well as being a precious exercise to process the recent experience, is also a way to strengthen the relationship within the group.

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