The scary places

After letting their movement material emerge, after reprocessing it according to Ginelle’s guidelines, on Thursday the question is asked as to whether to go on with what was done on Wednesday or whether to develop it.

What is the difference?

Ginelle: “You can either work from the inside of the work or in perspective”. “I want to go to the scary places, we’re not here to avoid continuing with one thing”.

The time is left at disposal to reflect on these two options, for preparation.

But what does preparation exactly mean?

Ginelle: “Sometimes choreographers need space to think, by themselves. It may be preparing not for today but for what you’re going to do in the future. Because you are articulating, you are in a different process than in the studio. We are all preparing for the next moment. You lead the creative process but the process also leads you. It’s not true that the process needs the same approach every day. It is important that you challenge your way to deal with it”.

Marco: “Sometimes it’s also good to be comfortable. I had a workshop called Killing your darlings. Well, sometimes you also have to live with your darlings, not kill them. Maybe I am not in love with the material I’ve created, but I am in love with the idea of making things I am not necessarily in love with”.

Peter decides to start composing with what he has, because composition is more pertinent to him at the moment.

Marco will start alone, then he will ask the others to work with him.

Ziyian creates stations in the studio, as a mapping of the space, involving the other two choreographers. Then she will go on by herself.

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