Marco D’Agostin

On the 15th July the three choreographers experiment with their ideas resorting to each other as interpreters.

After inquiring on the subject of water in the previous days, now Peter is building a “bridge“. He wants to reveal the secrets of objects, open up the possibilities they have. Peter would like the actions to have an unconscious feel. “As soon as they become conscious they distract me”. “If you take a path, we don’t have to see that you’re taking the path, we need to see the path”.

Ziyian’s idea is the one of falling and getting up again and again. A chair in the space may be the goal, or, quite the opposite, the starting point. New quality of movement is then added to this process and the sensation is that Ziyian is “making things appear” (Peter).

The instructions are very clear, although sometimes the timing may differ in the choreographers’ approach to new information.

Marco has been working on the idea of a set, with one source of light and two sources of darkness. The point of light stands for a place of pleasure or a place for revelation.

The first box, as Marco calls them, is protection, for that Marco gives specific tasks.

The second box is intimacy, loneliness, where the performers enter the space.

There, “light is what you want, but maybe what you have is darkness”.

The third box is a moment in which the performers will take the microphone and say what they want from their work.

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