Just a few hours to go

picture by Ginelle Chagnon

Ziyian, Peter and Marco

Tonight at 9 pm the informal sharing of the first step of Triptych 2012 will take place at the CSC Garage Nardini in Bassano del Grappa.

Marco D’Agostin, Peter Trotzmer and Ziyian Kwan will share with the audience their work in progress. It is a very sensitive part of a creative process, since the choreographers are opening up the private diary of their inquiry. The audience will play a fundamental role in providing a feedback for the artists.

Feedback can even imply a sheer watching, as a conscious outside eye, because the artists can feel the involvement of the audience. A more active feedback can mean asking questions, or expressing what one has seen there.

Polar judgement is banned: it may be harmful, unsensitive and, in my opinion, unrespectful of the artist’s journey. The focus is on research, there is no right or wrong.

Yet, the Bassano audience has been accustomed to attending this kind of public sharings and their participation has often been fruitful.

Physicality, building an environment, shadows and protection. What will happen tonight?

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