Last steps in the Bassano research

On the 17th July Ginelle invites the choreographers to focus on the sounds, the visual aspects, the aesthetics and the proximity to the audience of the research they are going to present on Wednesday night. The aim is to visualise a bigger picture within which the work may set itself.

Ziyian has realised that her development is deeply rooted with her precision in physicality.

Peter appreciates the struggle in her to succeed more than her actually succeeding.

The core of this work of hers consists of movement, physical ideas. So much that the text part in it has a specific reference to bodily processes, words like “pituitary”, “pulse” are repeated, so digging profoundly in the essence of movement and of what can become of a body. The piece is divided into 5 states, each one embodying a part of Ziyian. Marco detects a wave-like form in these states, which he doesn’t perceive as separate at all.

“I am mostly interested in the poetics of movement, because that’s why I dance”. (Ziyian)

Peter goes on with his research on creating an environment through objects and their relationships with each other and with the performers. Ziyian and Marco are invited to experiment with this concept. It is more about building things than about “real” dancing. The structure should be circular.

The issue raised by Marco is to whether the performer is informed by the object or the other way around. “The focus is on how and where you are putting objects. Then I want you to play a game. The game is catch”. (Peter)

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