Tryptich 2012 has started!

This is the first week of Tryptich 2012. This year the involved choreographers are Ziyian Kwan (Vancouver), Peter Trotzmer (Montréal) and Marco D’Agostin (Italy). In this journey they are accompanied by Ginelle Chagnon.

One of the first meetings the participants have is with Dany Mitzman, introducing the arts of sounds in radio-features. The subjects brings up various issues related to timing, rhythm, the use of sound both in a radio work and in a dance work.

The three choreographers are invited to a soundwalk through Bassano del Grappa, having at their disposal two microphones and a recorder. One microphone is for environmental noise, it hears everything, the other is a sort of zoom in to focus on specific sounds. Which sounds did the choreographers choose?

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