Sampling each other’s voice

11th August

The training proposed by Jacques is a real-time impro with a view to create a tuning in of the participants’ voices. The task doesn’t necessarily imply to make sense in a story they tell, what matters is to keep the rhythm.

Jacques: “You have to sustain it and not let it drop”.

Silvia, Jacques and James are respectively first standing, then sitting in a triangle, then lying side by side while shadowing one another’s spoken “texts” or “voice samples”. Some phrases become refrains, which adds to the consistency of the composition.

Then Jacques suggests to repeat words, not whole concepts. In the end it really sounds like a band playing. Sometimes they correct one another, similarly to Vladimir and Estragon about “a bush” or “a shrub” in Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.

At the Chiesa di San Buonaventura the experiment goes on, up to the creation of a sort of jam session of voices.

Here a question-answer pattern is created, while two at a time mirror each other’s movements.

In the Silvia-Jacques pair, the questions about the future are easier to process, according to Silvia, when she is moving this way, whereas Jacques tended to follow the rhythm of what Silvia said while speaking and moving at the same time. This may be a professional distortion since Jacques is also a musician.

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Jacques feels it’s harder to think than to move. Guy suggests: “You can be more free also with the words, just like you are with your body”.

The final task is to prepare sentences which will be sampled, i.e. repeated now and then with the same tone, but with no need for regularity.

Jacques: “And we should try NOT to make sense”.

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